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Jannah Islamic Prayer Rug - Dark Red

Jannah Islamic Prayer Rug - Dark Red

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An Islamic prayer rug, also known as a 'sajjadah' or 'musallah', is a special carpet used by Muslims when performing their prayers. The Jannah Islamic Prayer Rug serves as a clean place of prayer, symbolically representing surrender to Allah.

The Jannah Islamic Prayer Rug is decorated with beautiful prayer motifs and patterns, made of thick polyester material. It is an important part of the Islamic tradition and is used by Muslims all over the world. The durable synthetic material is easy to maintain and the thick material provides extra comfort for the knees during prayer. Use the rug on hard floors, carpets or even outside on grass or soil. It is a practical and handy item with which you can perform your prayers everywhere.

Benefits of the Jannah Islamic prayer rug

Always a clean and fresh prayer rug - The prayer rug is made of polyester material. Polyester is a synthetic material that dries quickly and is less prone to shrinking and wrinkling after washing.

A strong and durable material - Polyester is a strong material that is resistant to wear and tear. As a result, a polyester prayer rug can last longer than a rug made of other materials.

Perform your prayers everywhere - Polyester is lightweight, making a prayer rug made of this material easy to take with you to the mosque or on a trip.

A beautiful and neat dress - In many cases carpets and rugs are delivered wrinkled. Our prayer rug is delivered straight away neat and ready to use.

Lies firmly on the ground - The prayer rug has an anti-slip bottom layer so that it will not shift during your prayers.

Choose from five beautiful designs - In addition to this variant, we offer 4 other beautiful variants of the Jannah prayer rug.

A comfortable prayer everywhere

Do you want to perform your prayers everywhere? At home, on a trip or in the mosque? It is possible with the Jannah Islamic Prayer Rug. Our lightweight Islamic prayer rug offers many benefits to Muslims who pray regularly. Firstly, it is easy to carry, which is useful when you are on the go or traveling. In addition, the lightweight design is more comfortable during prayer and provides less distraction, so you can better concentrate on prayer. All in all, using a lightweight prayer rug helps make prayer easier and more enjoyable for you!

A safe and comfortable prayer rug

The Jannah Islamic Prayer Rug has a non-slip bottom and offers many benefits for Muslims who pray regularly. Firstly, the non-slip bottom prevents the prayer rug from shifting during prayer, which provides more stability and comfort. This can be especially useful on slippery floors or when praying in groups. In addition, the use of a prayer rug with a non-slip bottom helps to maintain the correct positions during prayer, so that you can better concentrate on prayer. Finally, a non-slip bottom increases the durability of the prayer rug, because it is less likely to wear or damage. In short, using an Islamic prayer rug with a non-slip bottom helps to make prayer more comfortable, safe and durable.

Features of the Jannah Islamic Prayer Rug

  • Material: Polyester
  • Dimensions: 80 x 120 cm
  • Thickness: 7mm
  • Weight: 800g

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